Wheelhouse tanker with an exhaust pipe, open sea.

Corporate Social Responsibility 

Social responsibility has emerged as a concept designed to reduce the adverse impacts of corporate activity on society and the environment. Organizations set a fine standard for themselves, their business operations, and their interaction with a variety of stakeholders; clients, employees, communities, environment, suppliers, regulatory entities, interest groups, and society in general. Social responsibility is therefore the call to integrate social and environmental concerns and the enterprise that places moral duty, transparency, and ethical behavior as a tenable part of any organization’s strategy and long-term objective.  

It deals with challenges such as health, safety, and environmental protection, green supply chain management, green bunkering, the welfare of workers, seamen labor rights, energy efficiency and emissions reduction, and so on.  In GONA understand that although social responsibility is an excellent theme, the maritime industries are adopting the mindset to be more harmonious towards community demands.

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