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It is one of the largest ship brokerage firms in American Coverage, our company is an independent full-service shipbroker and marine consultant. We have know-how with an excellent history in the ship brokerage industry in The Americas, from north to south; we are constantly striving to better serve our clients with safety, quality, and excellence.

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About Gona Investments, Corp.

We Are Shipbrokers & Marine Consultants

Is a renowned ship brokerage firm in the Americas, offering extensive services and marine expertise. Our unwavering commitment to excellence is focused on consistently enhancing our clients' safety, quality, and satisfaction across North and South America.

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Vessel Chartering

GONA INVESTMENTS CORP stands out as a leading spot and period tanker chartering broker in The Americas. Serving as panel brokers for major oil companies and traders across the region, from north to south, including the all-Caribbean Islands, our dedicated team of brokers and operations managers leverages cutting-edge technology while upholding the highest ethical standards, prioritizing safety, quality, and drawing on the extensive experience of our senior management.

Our team procure period tonnage for Americas clients, managing time charter, spot charter, bareboat, and complex financial transactions. Our departments maintain real-time communication, adapting strategies to define charterers' and owners' perspectives in the dynamic and variable market. Our commitment ensures updates, shaping effective strategies for period coverage amidst market fluctuations.

Sell and Purchase

Our Capital Markets division collaborates with clients to offer business growth ideas and advise. Our team excels in advising on both public and private markets, specializing in capital structure management and share repurchases. Whether acquiring and financing a single ship or pursuing broader maritime ventures, we possess the expertise to navigate the intricate challenges of the capital markets, ensuring strategic success for our clients.

Vessels Operations

Our team do ship operations, running time and spots charters making and smooth link between owners and charters. our operators coordinate the day-to-day operational activities with extremely attention to every single details.

We support clints with highest standards, mitigating risks and maintaining constant relationships between all parties, improving profits by maximizing voyage returns and reducing costs related to the ship and cargo. We constantly liaise with the vessel, ports, agency, inspector and any others related to ensure smooth operations. We keep compliance with agreed party terms, claims and party disputes and demurrage calculations, always following contracts and parties’ rules.


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Extensive Americas Coverage:

Our Panama office ensures broad maritime brokerage and consulting services across the Americas and the Caribbean, offering unmatched regional expertise.


Vessel Chartering Expertise:

As leading tanker chartering brokers, we leverage advanced technology and deep industry knowledge to serve major oil companies and traders.


Innovative Sell and Purchase Solutions:

Our Capital Markets division provides strategic advice on acquisitions and financing, navigating capital market challenges for client success.


Comprehensive Vessel Operations:

We excel in ship operations management, focusing on detail and risk mitigation to enhance profitability and reduce costs.


Gona Investments, corp.

Sailing to Success

Let us steer your business towards unprecedented success with our expert guidance and bespoke services.

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